Toddler Program

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.

– Benjamin Franklin


Toddler Class – Ages 20 months to 3 years


To inspire the curiosity of the toddler, the classroom is prepared as a little society where each child is encouraged to be a functioning member of the society and to explore it fully.  The classrooms feature custom-sized tables, chairs, sinks, and bookshelves; and the outdoor play area has many objects for creative play.  All of these are designed to appeal to the child’s natural curiosity.

Activities are positioned around the room for toddlers to choose independently.  They have freedom of movement to explore, and they are given the time they need to complete what they start.  Classroom materials are of value to toddler development.  They allow toddlers to begin to experience concepts of sequence, form, shape, movement and sound.  Classroom activities change and evolve as the child grows physically, emotionally and intellectually. Spanish instruction is offered weekly in class through music and movement.

Toddlers love doing things for themselves.  Living skills such as getting dressed, cleaning the window, setting the table, or sweeping the floor are part of the classroom culture.  Being able to handle breakable objects for the first time also creates a great sense of pride at this age.

Toddler teachers continually seek out new experiences that will stimulate the curiosity of the children.  Teachers are expert in the language for interacting with toddlers, and provide the respect, tenderness, warmth  and patience that allow the children to blossom.

The toddler program is from 8:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Ages 24 months – 3 years. We offer a 3 day program and a 5 day program. The 3 day program is typically Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.We highly recommend that all children join the 5 day program by age 2 1/2.

Our class size is limited to 12 children, ages 24 months – 3 years. We feel a low student ratio benefits the toddler through any separation transitions they may experience starting a new program outside of their home.


Is your child ready for our Toddler program?


To promote success in our program we recommend the following two milestones:
1. Your child is taking one afternoon nap. Our morning school day does not accommodate for  a morning nap.
2. Weaned from the bottle/breast/pacifier during their awake hours.  Our toddlers are learning to drink from open cups.

Skills – Toddlers start acquiring these skills:

Discipline – Toddlers learn the three basic rules of discipline: